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Flying Away

Il volo è libertà, è per questo che l'uomo non sa volare.

(Jim Morrison)

Bellissima, degna di 'Il popolo migratore', l'hai visto?
Dicci la verità: svolazzavi anche tu insieme a loro?
Mi stupisci sempre :-)

Well captured moment! I like it when they catch a breeze and seem to stand still in time, hovering effortlessly, eyeing up my delicious english chips.

Great photo!!
Grrr I just hate them just now as they are nesting on my roof and wake me up EVERY morning

I love that (the shot, not the bird)

The composition here is excellent, great light, and the flying gull seems to have a very intent expression.

You Know that I hate seagulls but this picture is terrific. Brava!!!!!

Really nice picture..I love seagulls.
Not long time ago talking about them with some friends I realize that playing with the italian word for them:GABBIANO..you can get GABBIA-NO .....(No cage)..pure freedom..like them in the sky

ciao Frank, no, non l'ho visto. devo cercarlo? :)

biskit! LOL - they like chips don't they? we have a big community of seagulls in Torbay, thanks god for double glazes! :)

hi Ross, i know what you mean, they are all over my place as well :)

hi blueplanetphoto! i like "his" eye too. this was a quick and lucky shoot. one of those you know :)

Gab!! I know what you mean. I took this while we were talking the other day, in Dawlish warren, waiting for the others that went to the toilet! LOL dont know if you remember, but when i saw it later, i thought "Oh dear, I wonder what Gab is going to think!!" :))

ciao masticanotte :) Gabbia-No, never though about it. well done.

No, te lo mando io.

Hai colto un attimo incredibile! che tempismo!

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